Dr Mowlavi Botched

Dr. Mowlavi is known for fixing botched surgeries

Every week he repairs other surgeon's botched results - He is referred several cases every week

If you searched a browser for "Dr. Mowlavi botched" using Google search, you most likely did so at the suggestion of someone alleging to defame Dr. Mowlavi. Our mission is to share the entire story and show you demonstrable results.

You may access the legal documents filed with the Orange County Superior Court.

Look at Some Dr. Mowlavi Botched Results From Other Surgeons He Repaired

Dr Mowlavi Botched Lipo Repair

Amazing Botched Surgical Repairs

Doctor Mowlavi repairs botched results on a regular basis.  He is known as the "go-to" surgeon for such repairs.


Do Your Due Diligence

Look at the results.

Dr. Mowlabi Botched BBL Repair

Repairing a botched surgical result is one of the more demanding surgeries a cosmetic plastic surgeon can perform.   Delivering outstanding results with a patient with residual scarring and surgical deformities is a measure of Dr. Mowlavi's skills.