Dr Mowlavi Death

Dr. Mowlavi Death Rebuttal

Dr. Mowlavi has initiated a defamation lawsuit to refute the harmful allegation that “a patient died on his table.” 

Editor's note: The loss of human life is significant and is not something we would discuss except to address the harmful allegations in the social media smear campaign against Dr. Mowlavi.

Dr Mowlavi Death Allegations

Dr. Mowlavi was forced to initiate a defamation lawsuit to protect his reputation against the harmful allegations made by Chalene Johnson, including the claim that “a patient died on [his] table.”

In the defamation lawsuit, Dr. Mowlavi submitted evidence to the Court refuting the troubling allegations against him.

Court Documents From the Defamation Lawsuit


Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 4.16.07 PM

Transcript of above image:
"During my entire career, no patient has ever died on my table. I have also never been found liable for the death of any patient or engaged in a "patient surgery accident."  I understand that the defendants' false statements about this relate to the death of a former patient. Ms. Swartout. The unfortunate circumstances of her death are confidential and not relevant to this case.  However, she neither passed away on my table nor in my operating room or office.  She did not even pass away on the day of her surgery with me, but rather several days later at a hospital when I was not present.  Ms. Swartout's survivors filed a lawsuit following her death, but as public records show, this lawsuit was settled with no admission of liability.

Additionally, all court documents filed in the defamation lawsuit are publicly available at the Orange County Superior Court of California's website.

The Court’s Ruling

On February 14, 2022, the Court denied Defendant's [Chalene Johnson] unsuccessful attempt to dismiss the plaintiff's [Dr. Mowlavi] defamation claims. Based on the evidence submitted, the Court ruled that Dr. Mowlavi had “met the burden to demonstrate the probability of success on the merits.”

court minutes excerpt