Septoplasty by: Arian Mowlavi M.D.


When considering improving the aesthetics of the nose, it is essential to rule out any functional deficits causing breathing difficulties. This is because functional deficites can be corrected simultaneously and without negatively affecting the cosmetic results of rhinoplasty. The most common cause of difficulty breathing is a deviated septum which can be corrected by performing a septoplasty. Septoplasty involves the removal of any deviated portions of the centrally located septal cartilage.& Small incisions are made in the nasal mucosa in each side of the nares which allow the surgeon to first dissect the nasal mucosa off of the septal cartilage. Dr. Mowlavi does advocate placement of staggered incisions of the septal cartilage is carefully removed. Once the deviated portion of the cartilage has been removed, then the nasal mucosal incisions are repaired and the nasal mucosal covering automatically returns to the midline. As the septum is the central pillar support of the nose, there are architectural considerations that must be taken into account. Specifically, a rim of septal cartilage extending from the nasal bones over the tip and down to the nasal spine often referred to as an L strut must be maintained in order to preserve the structural integrity of the nose (figure 13). If inferior turbinates have enlarged to compensate for enlarged internal nares, then the enlarged turbinate should be reduced to ensure symmetry of internal nares.

(Figure 13)

Made me feel super comfortable... I was so nervous about getting a rhino to fix a deviated septum. Mowlavi made me feel super comfortable and the staff made it easy! I really was so nervous to do this, and had met with a couple of doctors. When I came into this office I felt so confident and at ease. Could not be happier I chose him. So happy with it all 🙂


My nose looks amazing! I went to Dr. Mowlavi two months ago, trying to decide on undergoing rhinoplasty. His staff was very professional and so was he, they made me feel at home and a month later I had the surgery with no complications and my nose looks amazing! They have been amazing with answering any questions I have had. Thank you Dr. Mowlavi I would definitely recommend him!

Gabby Laguna Beach, CA

I highly recommend him to everyone... I first went to Dr. Arian Mowlavi a couple years ago for my septoplasty and rhinoplasty (amazing results on both by the way), and then on and off for botox for the past couple years. I finally made the decision to have a breast augmentation in July 2015 and have to say that Dr. Mowlavi and his staff made something that normally would have been a very nerve racking experience into a very comfortable and easy one. Dr. Mowlavi is a caring doctor that really wants the best for everyone he treats. He took his time to listen to what I wanted and suggested what would be the best for me. I find him to be a very empathic human being that sincerely cares for each of his patients. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Marie N. San Clemente, CA

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